Your vision is now literally coming to life. Through the expertise of your engineers and our decades of experience, a market-driven development is achieved. SE-K will manufacture the tools, resources, and fixtures directly based on the resulting construction. This will enable us to respond quickly and effectively to all your requests.

Developed in-house-

an idea becomes reality

The goal of this phase of development is to create a perfect translation of your design with close communication and coordination. In order to meet your needs, we can custom tailor a solution based on the expertise of our experts. This allows us to handle design, materials, and application technology aspects. We will bring your vision to life! Since we manufacture our own tools, molds, and appliances, we can provide everything you need for your product's production. As a result, we provide a one-stop solution that is flexible, fast, and affordable for all of your needs. From the initial development to the industrial engineering process, all necessary preparations will be carried out by a qualified and competent workforce. As a result, we are able to produce any interior or exterior component for your mobility application.
Industrial engineering is also one of our areas of focus. At SE-K, we strive to achieve stable, efficient, and controllable processes by planning and managing them precisely. Thus, we are able to create smooth processes, which are reflected in our productivity and quality. Our workers take responsibility for every step of the process in order to meet any challenges that may arise. The purpose of our preparation is to ensure that your product is ready for serial production in the best possible manner.

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Thorsten Eymael, managing director – Sales and Development, is looking forward to hearing from you.



In the development phase, constructors implement the plan, the concept, and the design of the product. As part of this process, we will work closely with you and your team. Naturally, material, design, and application-technical considerations will also be taken into account. The result of this work is a set of documentation that is required to produce the product. It includes 3D data files, engineering drawings, parts lists, work plans, individual parts, as well as material, editing, and dimension specifications.


A fast and flexible implementation is particularly important for our projects. As a result of the fact that our company constructs its own tools, molds, and appliances, our customers benefit from a competitive advantage: Depending on the requirements, we can construct simple or complex devices, forming dies, and molds for their products. In addition to shaping, these tools can also be used to construct parts and molded parts in a cost-efficient, fast, and variable manner. In order to achieve this, we rely on a consistent CAD/CAM-process chain.


Ultimately, ideas must be developed and implemented rapidly, as well as based on industrial engineering expertise. Only this can ensure a smooth start to the production process. SE-K is convinced that we can differentiate ourselves through our core competencies and supporting processes, thereby achieving a high level of productivity. Here, we pay particular attention to transparent and pre-coordinated standards and processes. As a result, we are able to identify and resolve problems in a very effective and rapid manner as soon as they arise. This is how we ensure to deliver the best quality, as soon as your product goes into production.


We will clarify first questions in a personal conversation – at your company or at our company. It is also possible for you to review our credentials first.