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Working in “moving” markets motivates us to keep moving forward every day. In addition to well-known OEMs, we also serve first tier companies in the automotive, bus, commercial vehicle, construction, agricultural machinery, and motorhome industries. In terms of production sizes, we are primarily focused on small and medium-sized production volumes.

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Weight-reduced products are not the only products becoming increasingly important in the mobility and transportation sectors. As states, companies, and society strive to reduce CO2 emissions, new materials and processes have been developed that also reduce weight. The reduction of CO2 as a result of these components being built into the vehicle is one benefit, but another benefit is the reduction of resources required for each component as well. A SE-K plastic part can help reduce CO2 emissions and can, among other things, replace metal or GRP components. Naturally, we use regenerative materials and secondary raw materials.
The design freedom afforded by plastic parts allows for greater comfort on the one hand, and improved aesthetics on the other.
With a broad range of equipment components produced by SE-K, we are your one-stop source for equipment development and manufacturing. Depending on the requirements of the customer, interior panels and exterior components are also finished with high-quality surface finishes.


In the automotive industry (as well as for vans and minibuses), individuality is synonymous with a strong impression, while at the same time producing small and medium-sized batches. For us, special requests and individual specifications are the norm. As a result of this specialization, we are able to meet the high demands that are placed on luxury vehicles and exclusive sports cars, as well as derivatives and limited editions. Nevertheless, special series, electric vehicles, editions, and accessories should also be delivered by a reliable partner. The portfolio of our vehicles also includes vehicles for law enforcement, rescue, and firefighting

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Commercial vehicles

It does not matter whether trucks are used for transportation, for emergency services, or for long-distance or distribution traffic, whether they are municipal or construction vehicles, implement carriers, or military vehicles or special vehicles, trucks are always on the move. In order to operate in rough terrain, they must take precautions every day. When it comes to selecting and choosing interior and exterior components, the fields of activity are so diverse that different parameters are required for each vehicle. We know that small series are challenging to develop. By working with us, you will be able to get your projects off to a good start quickly.

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Buses play a significant role in the future of mobility – they have done so for over thirty years. For any type of bus, whether it’s a city bus, touring coach, intercity bus, or people mover, we manufacture high-quality interior and exterior components, taking special requests into account. In addition to general traffic safety, the safety of passengers is paramount when developing and approving buses for passenger transportation. Our interior fittings for buses comply with the European fire safety standard ECE-R 118. Through our many years of experience as well as the optimal choice of materials, we are able to meet the special needs for buses of small and medium-sized series.

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When it comes to combining mobility and a sense of home, motorhomes, campervans, caravans, and liners are unbeatable. The small kitchen offers the convenience of preparing fresh meals, while the cupboards and shelves provide easy access to items you may need while out and about. Equipment is supplemented by trim parts made by SE-K, which are matched both visually and functionally, so that the journey may begin as soon as possible. As experts in interior and exterior components, we manufacture small to medium-sized series that precisely meet the requirements of motorhome enthusiasts.

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Agricultural machines

In addition to agriculture (tractors, telescopic handlers, harvesters, combine harvesters, baling presses, etc.), agricultural machinery is also used in forestry, in municipal services, in horticultures, in emergency services (fire brigade, THW), at airports and in construction (road construction, earthmoving, gardening and landscaping). The more comfortable you feel behind the wheel, the more productive your workday will be. The plastic parts and components we manufacture must meet the special requirements of this important market – we ensure this with our many years of experience and development support, as well as our selection of optimal materials.

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Construction machinery

On construction sites, ports, and recycling yards around the world, construction machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, wheel loaders and dump trucks, as well as road finishers, compactors, and front loaders, are used on a daily basis under the harshest conditions and with high intensity. Due to our many years of experience, SE-K can supply high-quality interior and exterior components that can withstand such conditions. Obviously, these custom-made components are of the highest quality and offer a long service life in daily construction activities.

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