Quality starts with clever minds

The features, functions, and processes of a product are derived from customer requirements, which are then measured and evaluated. As a result, quality can be determined and assigned. We are certified with:

ISO EN 9001  – IATF 16949  – EN ISO 14001

The right quality –

The result of structured work

A high level of customer satisfaction is achieved by providing high-quality products and services. This includes the product development phase (PDP), the start of production phase (SOP), and the serial production phase. As part of our high-quality services, we also provide logistical and technical support. It is necessary to establish quality requirements in order to assess the quality of products and processes. Based on our goals we derive measurable criteria which can be tracked and measured. Based on the customer requirements, target values for the relevant metrics are determined. A comparison between the target values and the actual values indicates the quality of the product.

My quality? - Your Quality? - Our quality!
As part of our first conversation, we discuss risks and chances. Creating technical solutions while maintaining the quality level requested by our customers is the challenge. By implementing these control plans, components can be guided through the manufacturing process and, later, ennobled with gauges and control gauges.
We are certified with: ISO EN 9001 – IATF 16949 – EN ISO 14001

„Quality is everyone’s responsibility“
– William Edwards Deming

Our certificates


IATF 16949

ISO 14001

EN ISO 14001