Finally, only a product that can be experienced with all of your senses can demonstrate the success of the development. From an individual part to a complex assembly – from the prototype to the pilot production, all the way up to the serial production – your product can be modified using different production processes, materials, and surfaces. In addition to thermoforming, we also offer other manufacturing methods such as 3D-printing, injection molding, and extrusion.



SE-K will manufacture your product. Together with our expertise in materials and processes, we will assist you in bringing your idea to life. Thermoforming (sometimes referred to as deep drawing, vacuum molding, or hot forming) is our core competence, which is complemented by other technologies such as 5-axis CNC-milling machines, 3D printers, injection molding, extrusion, and assembly that includes fine and luxury surface finishings. You can order individual parts, as well as complete assemblies - starting with the prototype, moving on to the pre-series, and finally reaching serial production - we will take care of everything. It is important to note that we have our own tool and mold construction team, which allows us to support you throughout the entire project and to maintain a high level of flexibility, especially during the development phase. In the serial production phase, we produce your product flexible and in the highest quality, no matter if you wish to produce small or medium-sized series. After successfully passing through optimization loops in the prototype and pre-series phases, we will produce your product in the highest quality in serial production.
Continuous improvement is of particular importance to us. Thus, we are constantly striving to improve our processes and find new innovative solutions. The complete package we offer includes customized packaging and carrier management as well as delivery documents in accordance with the VDA standard and the control of minimum stock levels. Our supply chain management expertise will ensure that we deliver the parts just-in-time and bring your product into production successfully.

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When you hold the final product in your hands, you realize the true impact of the development process. Therefore, prototypes play an important role in the decision-making process during and after the development process has been completed. This is done since prototypes are the only means of generating real feedback regarding the development process. The current development stage becomes tangible and potential weaknesses can be identified at an early stage, thereby ensuring you obtain the best possible result for your product. As the prototypes are constructed for the first installations and testing, we will progress closer and closer to being able to manufacture the product in series.


A pre-series, sometimes referred to as a pilot series, is an integral part of the production start-up process. As a general rule, most parts are manufactured as part of a serial production process. Particularly in the automotive industry, pre-series serve as a precursor to ramping up production. The purpose of pre-series is primarily to optimize individual processes and steps ahead of serial production and to detect potential problems before they become serious. Additionally, employee training begins with the pre-series to ensure an efficient production process and a high-quality product. Pilot series follow pre-series, in which your product is produced under conditions similar to those of serial production.

Serial production

After your product has successfully passed through the optimization loops, it can be produced in our factory in a flexible and quality-assured manner. Despite this, we continue to strive to find new ways to optimize our production processes. In addition to high-quality production, our manufacturing processes are transparent throughout. This does not only refer to day-specific production orders and batch tracking but also to quality assurance, which we verify, for example, through test plans related to specific parts.


We will clarify first questions in a personal conversation – at your company or at our company. It is also possible for you to review our credentials first.