We understand our customers – yesterday – today – tomorrow

Every day, we deal with the needs of our customers as smart experts in the field of plastics. In the automotive, bus, construction machinery, commercial vehicle, mobile home, and agricultural technology industries, we see ourselves as an “all-in-one” partner. Interior and exterior – small to medium quantities.

Throughout four generations.

Thoughtful approaches – Great experience

great experience

The mix of well-thought-out solutions, lean and connected processes and a great amount of experience – this is how we enable our customers to implement their projects efficiently and effectively – and we have been doing this for decades!

The ingredients for a successful project are:

  • 100% enthusiasm
  • a couple dice of coolness
  • one shot of innovation
  • a pinch of creativity
  • shaken and decorated afterwards

What project should we turn into reality?

Thorsten Eymael

Managing director – sales and development –
SE-Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG

Key Performance Values



Competence is the result of combining knowledge and skill.

A high-quality solution can only be developed when both factors are combined. When it comes to keeping up with technological advancements and being able to react in the face of dynamic situations, competence is crucial. A core element of our company's philosophy is to continuously improve our competence because we recognize: Only by constantly improving will we be able to assist our customers with their challenges.

Continuous development – continuous innovation.

To us, that is what matters most. Therefore, we are constantly motivated to find creative solutions, as we have done for four generations. By doing so, we invest in our team and our future in order to improve our products and processes in a consistent and sustainable manner. This allows us to provide our customers with the optimal solution in the form of high-quality plastic components for the moving markets.

We consider our customers to be our partners.

By identifying ourselves with our markets, we are able to understand the needs and expectations of our customers and deliver solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. As a fourth-generation family-run business, we understand what is important. As a result of our experience in plastic manufacturing that we have accumulated over the past one hundred years, we have been able to successfully pass on our values from generation to generation and expand our market position.

It all begins with an idea.

At SE-K, we deliver the deciding factor that makes all the difference. Being creative is the key to remaining flexible with constantly changing conditions in regard to technology, design, costs, and appointments. This will enable us to deliver the most suitable solution for your project. In collaboration with your specialists and our design and material experts, we develop an exact solution to meet your needs. Although the result is creative and individual, it is also attainable.

Complex problems do not scare us, regardless of whether they are technological or logistical - we enjoy the challenge!

As a result, a reliable and fast production process is attained, no matter how challenging or complex the assemblies may be. Despite this, complexity exceeds the capabilities of a single individual. As a result, complex problems require the interaction of several great minds - and, to accomplish this, communication is essential.

We take care of everything you need – for your benefit!

Throughout all phases of the project, we will provide reliable support to our clients. It will begin with the product development phase and continue through the production phase all the way to the end of production. Furthermore, we offer a full range of technological possibilities, manufacturing technologies, and finishing options. Having a competent partner who supports you from beginning to end is the foundation for a successful, trustworthy, and long-term business relationship.



We build our company on the strength of highly qualified employees. Trust, motivation, and team spirit are our most important standards.


Over the past 100 years, SE-K has demonstrated competence in the field of plastic manufacturing. We can assist our customers with any hurdle they may encounter through consistent progress.


In bewegten Märken wie Automobil, Bus, Nutzfahrzeuge, Agrar, Caravan und Baumaschinen bieten wir seit über 100 Jahren individuelle Lösungen.